Where to Get SIM Cards and Pocket WiFi if You’re Already in Tokyo

tokyo sim card

Are you already in Tokyo and still looking for a way to get connected? It doesn’t take long to realize just how important having reliable Internet is for foreign visitors in Japan’s busiest city, from essential travel apps to staying in touch with friends. The easiest way to stay connected during your trip is to carry a reliable WiFi or 4G signal with you, but where can you get one? Keep reading to learn more about your options and how to get your hands on a Tokyo SIM card or Pocket WiFi!

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Where to Find Koyo in Japan – Tutorial


Almost as popular as hanami (flower watching) in Japan is koyo (autumn leaf viewing). There is something about the change of seasons that is so refreshing, and the intense, warm colors of red, orange, and yellow that accompany the transition from summer to autumn can be quite the spectacle. This tutorial helps take the leg work out of find a great koyo spot, which is often difficult to search for if you can’t read Japanese.

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