Your Guide to Climbing Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji top

Climbing Mt. Fuji, or Fujisan (富士山) in Japanese, is no easy task; huge increases in elevation, long hiking distances, inclement and ever-changing mt. Fuji weather,  as well as less-than-desirable steep and slippery portions of the path make climbing to the summit of Mt. Fuji very difficult.

However, with the correct gear and knowledge of the mountain go a long way to ensuring a safe and enjoyable hike to the top of Japan’s most iconic landmark.

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Your Tokyo Metro Guide

Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 31 million people, and with a population density above 6,000 persons per square kilometer, it is also one of the most dense urban areas within developed countries. Needless to say, driving a car in Tokyo is not such a great way to get from A to B.

The train system in Tokyo is a living network of multiple lines owned by multiple companies, enthusiastic station attendants and dedicated conductors that operate on complex schedule where being late is not an option, and of course, the lifeblood of Tokyo; the seemingly endless sea of people.

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Things you need to know about Japanese Addresses

Japan street map

One of the most frustrating things many foreigners in Tokyo find are the addresses.

In America at least, it is second nature that addresses are based on roads. Each road has a name and the buildings are numbered according to the road. Why would you name specific blocks of buildings? People travel down roads, so they must be named! Even Google Maps makes this assumption so clear:
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Where to Find Koyo in Japan – Tutorial


Almost as popular as hanami (flower watching) in Japan is koyo (autumn leaf viewing). There is something about the change of seasons that is so refreshing, and the intense, warm colors of red, orange, and yellow that accompany the transition from summer to autumn can be quite the spectacle. This tutorial helps take the leg work out of find a great koyo spot, which is often difficult to search for if you can’t read Japanese.

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