How to Fold an Origami Fish

With six simple folds you can turn a square sheet of paper into a charming origami fish. This article takes you step by step through the folding process, which is so easy anyone can do it! Be sure to download our free printable PDF of the instructions by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

origami fish

Step 1: Start with a square sheet of paper, and turn it so that it looks like a diamond.

Step 2: Diagonally fold the opposite corners together, and make a crease along the full length of the paper. Rotate the paper 90 degrees and repeat the fold so that the lines intersect.


Step 3: Grab the long sides of the paper and fold it in half down the center so that it looks like a rectangle. Rotate the paper 90 degrees and repeat the fold so that the lines intersect.


Step 4: Turn the paper over. Following the images below, carefully collapse the sheet of paper so that it becomes a triangle. You have now made a triangle base, which can be used for many kinds of models.

angelfish_11(Fold in progress.)

Step 5: Hold the triangle so that it points up. Take the front, left flap and fold it down and to the right so that the crease is about a third of the way across (this is called an angle bisector). Tip: Use the image in step 6 as a visual reference if you need help in knowing how to fold this step.


Step 6: Holding the fold from Step 5 with your left hand, take the front, right flap with your right hand and fold it down and to the left as far as it will go. The fold from Step 5 will stop it from going too far.

angelfish_18(Step 6 completed.)

Step 7: Turn the model over.

origami angel fish

Step 8: Rotate the model by 90 degrees and draw an eye or other features.

origami fish

Your origami angel fish is completed!

For a free printable PDF of this page, click here: Origami Angelfish PDF

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