How to Make an Easy Origami Swan

This is no ugly duckling! Follow our instructions with step-by-step pictures and learn how to make an easy origami swan.

Be sure to download our free PDF diagram of the instructions by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


easy origami swan

Step 1: Start with a square sheet of paper, and turn it so that it looks like a diamond. (The side facing you will become the color for the head and wings.)

Step 2: Diagonally fold the opposite corners together, making a crease along the full length of the paper from top to bottom.

Step 3: Fold the left and right corners inward so that the lower edges meet in the center. The completed folds should look like a kite.

Step 3 complete.

Step 4: Turn the model over so that the folds in Step 3 face away from you. Fold the left and right corners inward so that the lower edges meet in the center. This is the same fold as in Step 3.

Step 5: Fold the model in half so that the bottom point touches the top point.

Step 6: Fold the top point down about 1/3 of the height from the top. You have now created the head and beak.

Step 7: Fold the model in half vertically.

Step 8: Pinching the bottom, back corner of the model (see image below), pinch the swan’s neck with the other hand and gently pull it away from the body. Once the neck is at a 90-degree angle, pinch the bottom of the neck so that it stays in this position.

 Step 9: Repeat Step 8 on the head and beak.

Easy Origami Swan Completed
origami swan

easy origami swan

Your easy origami swan is complete!

For a free PDF diagram of this page, click here: Origami Swan Diagram

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