Origami Boat

Have you ever heard of an origami done in 3 folds? This time, we’ll teach you how to make a simple origami boat! This design is perfect for teacher young children to fold their first origami. We also have a downloadable version of these instructions at the bottom of this article!

boat_03boat_07Start with a square piece of paper
and fold it in half diagonally. 

boat_09Fold in half diagonally and then unfold.boat_11Fold along the line.boat_18Unfold and  apply the “outside
reverse-fold” .boat_16TIP how do : “outside
reverse-fold”.boat_19Here is model after applying
outside reverse-fold.origami sailboat

THE END! Your boat is ready !

For a free printable PDF of this page, click here: Origami Boat PDF

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