Origami Crane

Ever wanted to learn or teach someone how to fold the classic origami crane? Folding paper should be fun and easy, so we’ve made a simple easy to follow guide on how to fold a paper crane. Check out our printable version of these instructions located at the bottom of the page as well!

crane_03crane_07Start with a square piece of paper
and fold it in half diagonally
in both directions.

crane_09Turn around and fold in half
horizontally in both directions.crane_11Fold it in a diamond.crane_16Fold it along the lines to centrecrane_17Fold triangle along the lines to centre.crane_18Unfold all three folds.crane_23Lift the bottom corner upwards.crane_24As you push the corner up, bring the
edges in towards the middle and
flatten them.crane_25Now you completed the petal
fold. Turn over the model and
repeat the last 5 steps. crane_29This is “bird base”. Make two
folds along the lines.  crane_30Turn over the model.crane_31Repeat last step. Fold in half
vertically and unfold .crane_35Fold along the lines and apply
an “inside reverse-fold”along
the line.crane_36TIP how do: “inside reverse-fold”crane_37Make a head by using again
inside reverse-fold along the line.crane_41Fold horizontally each wing. crane_42Turn the model upside-down.crane_43Now last detail: Pull two wings
apart in an opposite direction
and blow air inside so  the body
could be expanded.crane_47THE END ! Your crane is ready !

For a free printable PDF of this page, click here: Origami Crane PDF

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