Origami fox

Ready to make the most adorable origami fox ever seen? Get started with our easy to follow pictures and instructions on how to fold an origami fox of your own! We also have a downloadable version of these instructions below the article!


fox-web_07Start with a square piece of paper
and fold it in half.fox-web_09Fold along the line each corner
to the centre.fox-web_11
Turn the origami model over.fox-web_16Fold in half vertically.fox-web_17Rotate the origami fox model
by 45 degrees.fox-web_18Fold along the line.fox-web_24Open it in the middle.fox-web_26Flatten the one that sticks out.fox-web_28THE END! Your fox is ready !fox-web_33

For a free printable PDF of this page, click here: Origami Fox PDF

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