Easy Origami Pigeon Instructions

Once you’ve finished folding these easy origami pigeon instructions you’ll be so addicted a whole flock will be roosting around you before you know it! With easy step-by-step instructions, this model is perfect for folders who enjoy making origami birds.

Be sure to download our free printable diagram PDF by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

origami pigeon

Step 1: Start with a square sheet of paper, and turn it so that it looks like a diamond. (The side facing away from you will become the color for the body.)

Step 2: Diagonally fold the top and bottom corners together, making a horizontal crease along the full length of the paper from side to side.

origami pigeon

Step 3: Grab the front and back of the top of the triangle and fold down so that the point you are holding goes past the base of the triangle (see the picture in Step 4 for reference).

origami pigeon

Step 4: In the picture below the left and right sides will become the origami pigeon’s wings. To make the head, grab the front flap of the upside down triangle and fold it up so that the point goes past the wings (see the picture in Step 5 for reference).

origami pigeon

Step 5: Fold the model in half vertically.

      origami pigeon

Step 6: Rotate the model 90 degrees so that the sings point up. Grabbing only the front wing, fold down so that a “white” diamond appears in the center of the model. Please note that the diamond may be a different color depending on what kind of paper you use (see the picture in Step 7 for reference).

origami pigeon

Step 7: Turn the model over.

origami pigeon instructions

Step 8: Fold the longer wing down so that it lines up with the short wing. You should see a “white” upside-down triangle.

origami pigeon

(Step 8 completed.)


Step 9: Rotate the model 180 degrees and do an inside reverse fold to make the origami pigeon’s beak.


(The following image shows you how to do an inside reverse fold step by step.)


Easy Origami Pigeon Completed

origami pigeon

Your Easy Origami Pigeon is Complete!

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  1. KAT says

    Finally something I can do, I have to present how to make a bird to my class, and this is so easy. Ty!! xoxo

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