Origami Pinwheel

Another easy to follow guide for folding origami! This time, we’ll show you how to fold an origami Pinwheel. Make dozens of them to use on greeting cards or decorating your garden! This paper pinwheel really works! Be sure to download our free printable PDF of the instructions by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

pinwheel-web_03origami pinwheelStart with a square piece of paper
and fold it in half horizontally and
vertically and unfold after each step.

origami pinwheelFold each half vertically along
the lines and then unfold.origami pinwheelFold each half horizontally along
the lines and then unfold.origami pinwheelNow, you should have six crease lines.
Do 8 folds along the lines.origami pinwheelThis is how should look first wing.
Repeat this on all 4 corners.origami pinwheel Bend four flaps down following
the arrow directions.origami pinwheelorigami pinwheelTIP : slightly spread apart flaps to
better catch the wind.origami pinwheelPress the thumb pin down on
the centre of the origami
pinwheel.Finally pin firmly on
the chopstick.origami pinwheel

THE END! Pinwheel is ready !

For a free printable PDF of this page, click here: Origami Pinwheel PDF

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