The 9 Best Japanese Apps for Surviving Japan

GuruNavi app

For many people, a smartphone is an integral part of their daily life and a constant companion while traveling. It is one of the most convenient and useful tools for living and traveling in Japan and replaces the need for items like an (expensive) electronic dictionary or paper train schedules; and while they won’t help you become fluent in Japanese, they can certainly help make your daily life easier. The apps listed here are all available in English on the U.S. market. Also, while I’m an iPhone user, I tried to provide an Android alternative to the Apple apps where possible. [Read more…]

Things you need to know about Japanese Addresses

Japan street map

One of the most frustrating things many foreigners in Tokyo find are the addresses.

In America at least, it is second nature that addresses are based on roads. Each road has a name and the buildings are numbered according to the road. Why would you name specific blocks of buildings? People travel down roads, so they must be named! Even Google Maps makes this assumption so clear:
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Easy Origami Duck Instructions

Origami Duck

QUACK QUACK! With these easy origami duck instructions Learn how to fold a flock in no time! Just be careful not to throw them in the tub–origami ducks aren’t the best swimmers.

Follow our simple picture-guided steps to make one of your own. Be careful not to throw them in the bathtub, these paper duckies will sink!

Be sure to download our free printable PDF of the instructions by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

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Origami Crane

origami crane

Ever wanted to learn or teach someone how to fold the classic origami crane? Folding paper should be fun and easy, so we’ve made a simple easy to follow guide on how to fold a paper crane. Check out our printable version of these instructions located at the bottom of the page as well!
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